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Interior Stairs Designer

Elevate your space with our exquisite bespoke staircase designs.

bespoke staircase

The Experience Of Custom Projects

An All-In-One Service from Design to Installation

3D staircase


Our designers turn your ideas into reality, creating custom stairs that perfectly harmonize with your space.

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staircase factory


Our stairs are meticulously crafted in a specialised woodworking factory, ensuring sturdy construction and impeccable aesthetics.

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staircase installation


Our skilled carpenters ensure precise and professional installation of your staircase, highlighting its unique design while ensuring safety and durability for years to come.

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Our Clients Speak About Us

« Satisfied with the work and follow-up from the team. »

Julie B.

« Impeccable, sturdy, and safe staircase. I recommend Stairs Studio for staircase design. »

Édouard P.

« Thank you to the entire team for your work. I recommend »

Léa M.

« Top quality! Stairs Studio created our staircase exactly as we wanted it. »

Pierre M.

We Have the Solution for Your Space

Limon droits crémaillères.jpg

Straight staircase

Limon droit doubles crémaillères.jpg

Central stringer staircase


Helical staircase


Quarter-turn staircase


Half-turn staircase

Limon droit auto-porteur.jpg

Suspended staircase


Spiral staircase


Split-level staircase


Retractable staircase

Customise all aspects of your staircase



The safety railing installed along the staircase, the handrail is crucial for ensuring protection by preventing falls and visually defining the limits of the staircase. Whether made of wood, metal, or glass, its design is important as the handrail is often one of the most visible elements of the staircase.

Prise de main


The handrail is an essential component of the staircase, providing support and guidance when ascending or descending. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip, facilitating movement on the staircase.

Nez de marche

Stair nosing

The stair nosing is the edge located at the front of each stair step. It enhances safety by providing a non-slip surface and visually delineating the steps.


Materials for the steps

The materials used for the steps contribute to the aesthetics and durability of the staircase. Available in a variety of wood species, the design of the steps can vary based on aesthetic preferences and strength requirements, offering a wide range of styles and finishes.

Rangement intégré

Storage systems

Integrated storage within the staircase is a practical solution to maximize space utilization. Clever design enables the creation of discreet and functional storage spaces seamlessly integrated into the staircase structure.


Limon shape

The stringer is the structural component that supports the steps of the staircase. The shape of the stringers influences the structure and aesthetics of the staircase. Their design can be straight, spiral, or quarter-turn, offering different configurations to adapt to the available space and aesthetic preferences.

Éclairage intégré

Recessed lighting

Integrated lighting provides an aesthetic and functional solution for illuminating the staircase. Whether integrated into the adjacent wall or within the stair nosing, well-planned lighting enhances safety and the overall ambiance of the space.



The stairwell refers to the opening in the floor allowing passage for the staircase. Its precise design, well-integrated into the architecture of the space, ensures a smooth transition between floors and seamless integration of the staircase into its environment.

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